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Flexible Payroll Software

Do the system used is suitable for you according to your company policy?
Can I do the payroll once; I not need to do in further especially the basic pay and fixed allowance and deduction?
Can the system automatic pick up the employee, who entitles for?
Predefine table
Security protect your sensitive data
Government Reports
Multiple User Define Fields with Formula
Integrated with accounting system
Optional Report Writer

Way of Managing
Setup the system according to your company policy is very essential to the organization. E.g. those who coming in late for 4 hours, deduct one day annual leave.

Eliminate Error and Time Saving
Immediate prints out the Pay Slip and Reports after entering the employee maintenance.
Every month Pay Slip and Reports automatic generated after month end, accept monthly different transaction like unfixed allowance, Deduction, Overtime, Pieces Done and etc.

System Automatic Pick up Employee
The system is able to pick up those who entitle for the transaction. Example, the payroll personnel may not know who is entitled for petrol allowance and there is 20 employees are entitled to the petrol allowance. User just enter the Quick Transaction, the system will pick up employees entitle for the petrol allowance and automatic doing 20 allowance transactions to the individual account.

Predefine Table
All the table can be predefine, especially; EPF, SOSCO, and Income Tax Table can be change, delete and add new table. When the government change the EPF, SOSCO and Income Tax Table, user can do it.

Government Reports
Sufficient Government Reports for user to export or summit in to the government body.

Security Protecting Sensitive Data
Highly confidential and privacy data need to protect from leaking to unauthorized person. Example, when you are very busy and you ask some once doing the allowance for you. You need assign the job. The person logs in only the allowance transaction is appearing on the screen. The rest of command and information is out of menu.

Multiple level User Define Formula and Fields
Use can preset the user define fields and writing the formula return back to the fields. Example, If you make this item one piece is $5.00, today you make 100 pieces. Your today total pay is $5.00 x 10=$50.00.

Integrated with Accounting System
The payroll data can be updated to accounting system. User is not need to do the double entry.

Default Reports Generated from Payroll
Employee Personal Listing
Employee Code setting Listing
Joined / Resigned Employee
Employee to be Confirm Listing
Work Force Analysis
Salary Analysis
Birthday Listing
Year of service Listing
Employee Age Analysis
Management Reports
Pay slip
Modify Pay Slip
Leave Entitlement & Taken
Pay Slip Listing
Bank Listing
Denominations Listing
Allowance & Deduction Listing
Overtime Listing
Monthly summary
Advance Pay
Individual PCB Deduction
Check Account Listing
Daily / Hourly Rate Listing
Employee Overtime Detail Listing
Annual Leave Report
Yearly allowance & Deduction
Yearly Pay
Annual Income Statement
Year Allowance & Deduction
Annual Leave
Zakat Listing
Government Reports
EPF Borang A
SOCSO Borang 8A
SOCSO Borang 2
SOCSO Borang 3
EPF, SOCSO & PCB Listing
ASB & Tabung Haji Listing
ASB & Tabung Haji Previous Month Listing
HRD Levy Listing
Income Tax – CP 39 (PCB)
Income Tax – CP 22
Income Tax – CP8D
EA Form
Income Tax – CP159

Optional: -
Human Resource cans Integrates with Payroll. Payroll Report Writer is Optional to create additional Reports.