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Investing in technology can propel your business forward not by 5 or 10 percent but by 25, 50 even 100 percent. As a Ideo Soft customer our top priority is to help you maximize your technology investment. We call this process "energizing" your business. In order to realize these dramatic gains or energize your business, our experts will work with your team to develop a technology roadmap that not only includes your current technology investments and processes but your future strategies, processes and systems that support your corporate goals.

The consulting phase begins during our very first meeting as together we determine the best course of action for your organization which may simply mean better business processes for your existing technology investment. Some of our consulting services include:

  • Business process planning
  • Hardware Audit
  • Implementation planning
  • Cost estimation


Implementing a new Business Software Solution can be a daunting task especially if you don't have a plan that breaks the process down into manageable tasks. Ideo Soft utilizes an industry standard methodology to develop a plan that matches your goals, resources, time frame and staff capabilities to deliver a phased implementation that guarantees success.

Configuring the software to suit your business takes time and careful planning through interactive, iterative activities that are completed both on site and off site with both teams facilitated by our implementation checklist.


Ideo Soft provides a variety of training options for our clients. Training is offered individually or in groups either on or off site according to the client's needs. Ideo Soft also offers a "train the trainer" approach for your key personnel in order to minimize training costs and allow you to create an internal support team who can provide your first line of support.

All of our trainers are certified IT engineer and are active Project Managers and Consultants who continue to add to their extensive knowledge with every engagement.


Ideo Soft provides comprehensive, cost-effective RATE plan optimized for each client and their use of their solution. This is not a "use it, or lose it" program and allows the customer to spend their money wisely.