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Powerful and Flexible Point Of Sales System

You need more than just a great business idea to survive in today's marketplace. You need the ability to control every aspect of your business.

Now you can with affordable and easy-to-use Point of Sale. This all-in-one solution helps you manage your inventory, generate real-time sales reports, track your customers, and so much more. It even integrates seamlessly with financial software.
POS SYSTEM is also a powerful tool for the Management. Its reports generating features enables Management to produce customized reports for better control and understanding in the aspect of the sales control for the company. For report printing, you can always preview them before printing on hard copy.

Strong Inventory (Back-End) System
Fast and Easy Entry Method
Online Update Back End Inventory or Remote Update Back End Inventory
Flexible and usability to fit to various industries, e.g.: restaurant, hardware, spare-part, apparel, and so on.

Powerful Features:

- Maintain member's personal details, point earned.
- Maintain member's discount %
- Maintain member's credit limit

Promotion Price & Promotion Free Item
- Maintain a special price or free item within a period

Read Barcode with price when enter transaction
- Allow enter normal barcode with item no. as well as read weight barcode price tag

Allow enter BOM item
- Allow enter BOM item from Inventory system

Allow collect deposit
- Allow collect deposit amount when customer made payment

Allow suspend Bill
- Suspend the cash bill without payment, when customer want to make payment, cashier can retrieve the suspend bill and proceed received payment.

Allow Modify Payment
- Enable user to modify the payment type and amount after cash bill printed.

View Sales Report Hourly
- Provide a report to show the total sales amount is every hour.

Point Redeem/Yearend
- Maintain members point redeem and provide a function to year end the accumulated point.

Link to Inventory System
- The item, group, category, etc. code maintenance can link to Inventory System.
- The cash bill will update to Inventory.

Other features:
- Handles any number of items
- Handles quantities up to 9,999 or decimal enable per item
- Very easy to correct mistakes
- Prices can be adjusted for individual sales
- Shows total of sale after each entry
- Any number of deposits may be left before pick up
- 26 Security levels limit level of use allowed by employees
- Easy look up of past sales, returns, and voids by receipt number, customers last name, or date of sale
- Look up parts and inventory levels from any interface.
- Easy to make returns and voids
- All activities logged in ledger and time-stamped with employee number for easy identification
- Part quantities checked as parts are entered and updated after sale
- Description and price automatically shown
- Optional use of bar code reader for easy and accurate part entry