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Leisure & Entertainment Solution is an Integrated Information Technology Solution for the Leisure and Entertainment Industry. The Solution provides Point-of-Sales, Admission Control and many other special designed modules catered for the industry’s requirements and challenges. The solution is a powerful and affordable system that can be deployed in several segments such as Theme parks, Museums, Zoos, Stadiums, Concerts, Gym Centers & Tourist Attractions. Organizations managing these sectors are looking into implementing Leisure & Entertainment Solution due to its boundless benefits and its ability to bring great value to your business by helping you cut costs, streamline operations, improve management efficiency and most importantly, increase revenues.


Main Features

-          Ticketing Management System

-          Admission Control Management System

-          Flexible Management & Analysis Reports


Optional Features

-          Membership & Loyalty Program

-          Tour Agency Management System

-          Event & Functional Management System

-          F&B and Retail POS System

-          Facility Rental System

-          E-wallet

-          E-voucher

-          Priority Pass System

-          Kiosk, Mobile & Web Purchase System



-          To provide higher level of Customer Services

-          To provide the efficiency and the accuracy at Ticketing Services and Management Information

-          To enhance the image in terms of Technology

-          To decrease the Possibility of Fraud

-          To increase the Profitability of the business which Integrated IT Solution


Target Segment

Theme Park & Amusement Park, Museum & Attraction, Zoo & Aquarium, Event Organizer & Concert, Funfair & Family Recreation Center, integrated Resort & Member Club



Ticketing Management System

-          Category & manages different ticket type & prices or packages

-          Able to collect Marketing Information such as visitors’ nationality, race, age, etc.

-          Able to give discounts or free tickets to VIP by tracked authorized procedures through counter


Admission Control Management

-          Able to track the validity of ticket purchased and allow entrance according to park, zone, date or time

-          Keep track of real-time information of numbers & types of visitors in park: crowd management


Flexible Management & Analysis Reports

-          Providing real-time report to know status of park sales & etc

-          Total of up to 200 types of customized reports with graph analysis


Tour Agency, Events & Functional Management

-          Register and manage travel agencies, bus/taxi drivers, freelance tour guides for accounts

-          Manage and pre-arrange events by group visitors. A special function to help the park’s marketing department to package and promote corporate and group functions


Member & Loyalty Management

-          Collect all members information & keep track of spending behavior in database

-          Keep track of membership point accumulation system


E-Wallet Management System

-          Designed for L&E industry needs, which promotes cash-less environment in theme parks

-          Visitors can top up credit into system and spend it In the park for facilities, food, beverages and retails


Facility Rental System

-          To rent the facilities in the park, such as tubes, lockers, water sports equipment, and etc. The system also allows the refunding of deposit when visitors return the rented items


Priority Pass System

-          New Queuing system that uses an intelligent program that estimates time for visitors to return to their rides without having them wasting time queuing for particular ride


Kiosk, Mobile & Web Purchasing System

-          Management is able to receive sales report through Internet viewing, SMS or Email.

-          Self-service kiosk at specific locations to offer visitors to purchase their ticket & packages

-          To ease the crowd and provide more purchase options during peak season

-          A mobile purchasing system which visitors can purchase ticket through mobile phone or Web